Download the newest TSG TM version 8 software

TSG(The Spectral Geologist) is the industry standard software for analysis and mineralogical interpretation of VINIR/SWIR/TIR spectra. TSG helps to organize your spectral data(from 10´s to 1000´s of spectra) into a single file structure that allows data(surface, drill hole, geochemical) to be analyzed together.

TSGTM 8 offers a new system of flexible purchasing whereby licences can be acquired from 24 hours to 48 months. Updates will be automatically installed during periods of usage. There are no annual maintanence costs but TSG 8  is not compatible with previous TSG versions. 


Spectrum GeoSoluciones provides sales, training and support for TSGTM ,primarily in the Americas Region, serving clients in both english and spanish

Through the link included or via the CSIRO website and secure sales portal, purchases can be made with credit cards(VISA, Mastercard). Purchases can also be made through invoicing Spectrum GeoSoluciones. 


1 - Download Base Licence

2 - Install TSG

3 - Open TSG. Via TSG´s Help/Licence Menu, activate     licence, then click ´Purchase Time´.

4 - TSG´s online store will allow options to purchasing blocks of time as needed. Licence are avialable 24 hours per day via online server.

5 -Post purchasing, click Refresh back in TSG´s licencing dialog.

These steps assume purchase via credit card. Alternatively purchase can be made through invoicing Spectrum GeoSoluciones and licence is transferred to client.

Both steps are very quick.

Download TSG Link

Time block options are listed below(AUS$)

Please contact us for more information regarding TSG software and training

TSG is developed by, and marketed under license from, the Commonwealth Scientific Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO). Spectral Geoscience is a CSIRO authorised sales affiliate of TSG. New timed licensing and pricing options provide flexible options for TSG users to manage the timed access according to project and company needs, removing the upfront costs of software ownership. TSG subscribers receive the latest TSG software updates as they are released.

TSG is compatible with spectral data collected from surface samples, RC, drill core sources. The software is also compatible with hand-held field spectrometers(ASD ´s HALO and Terraspec), Spectral Evolution OreXpress. Hylogger data

TSG is a fully menu and icon driven windows software program, with a series of intuitive commands available via menus and on screen controls allowing the initial field analysis of small datasets through to detailed drillcore evaluation. Supporting geoscientists endeavors across the exploration and mining chain.

TSG was built for geologists, allowing both qualitative and quantitative analysis of spectral data.