Spectral Alteration Mapping


Perhaps your company finds itself in this position...........

With the growing use of IR spectrospcopy in exploration and mining combined with the natural turnover of personnel, many companies find themselve with large volumes of unprocessed or uninterpreted spectra...or even samples.

Automated services or results recieved via laboratories are under-utilized as clients do not fully understand the output recieved with the included spectral parameters.

We can help in both cases. An all too common occurrance now inlcudes the following:

Spectra stored but not analyzed…?

Recieved interpreted results but not sure of results...?

No In-House Expertise?

Need to integrate spectral results with other getotechnical data...?

Perhaps you have accumulated a large number spectras.

Perhaps you have recieved spectral interpretation from analytical laboratories(.ie ALS ) but are uncertain of  underatanding results.

Perhaps spectras have not be analyzed properly.


We can help you interpret your spectras and integrate it with your other geo-technical data.

We utilize softwares such as TSG, SPECMIN and IOGas to aid clients in integrating results within your database.

We will help you focus efforts on analysis and not interpretation

Let the experts do their thing for you………