IR Spectropscopy Services


Spectral geology is a means of getting mineral information from samples rapidly and cost effectively. Characterizing drill core and RC samples with IR spectropscopy is now an important component of any project. Utilized in conjunction with geochemical and geological data provides a powerful suite of analytical tools to aid in vectoring to most prospective zones and understand relationahips wihtin respective mineralized systems.This means that you can  now get far more comprehensive information on the alteration mineral assemblages in your project area and map specific variations more accurately and objectively.

Some of the information that can be obtained and integrated into your projects include:

Alteration zoning

Changes in Mineral Proportions

Mineral Prospectivity Modelling

Mineral Composition  

Ground Truthing Airborne Hyperspectral Surveys



Spectrum offers both on-site analysis and training or samples can be recieved at Spectrum head office in Santiago. Ideally hand samples, chips or selected amounts of core samples can be recieved. On-site analysis is recommended for larger scale projects. Training can also be completed at project site or clients office facilitites.

Analytical Services

Spectrum has extensive experience support projects with spectral analysis services. We work with our clients to provide services that best suite their respective needs.Analysis can be completed on core, RC and reject material. Pulp samples are not recommended as sample sources due to the effect the grinding/heat process has on softer clay minerals.

Please contact us for more information regarding our analytical services

Training Services

Spectrum offers training in the application of hand-held spectrometers(ASD´s, Terraspec, HALO,Spectral Evolution, OreXpress) . Over 60 courses have been completed globally with hands-on training which includes:

- Proper Use of Instrument

- Software TSG 8

- Theory of Technology

- Data acquisition and management practises

- Practise with clients samples

The goal is that you do not have to become an expert but that users understand the technology, its limits and proper application. 

Please contact us for more information regarding our training services